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Blog: Unified Communications Adoption is Exploding – Here’s Why

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By Stacey Kendall - TPx, Product Marketing Manager | 5.14.2019

There are so many forecasts for the unified communications (UC) market that it’s difficult to know which is most accurate. In truth, it doesn’t matter which is right because the trendlines all point to the same core projection: massive growth. And that’s for good reason— the collaborative power of UC is wiping away information silos, cutting costs, driving up productivity, and enhancing the customer experience.

For instance, UC can provide an important consistency across devices and locations. UC applications give all workers, regardless of where they are, or on what device, the ability to make voice and video calls, send instant messages, and make conference calls from within the same familiar interface. Collaboration and productivity are boosted even further with built-in presence indicators, which show your coworkers your current status and how best to reach you.

Here are just a few more ways that UC will help your business accomplish its goals and stay ahead of the competition with an agile, fulfilled workforce.

Making SMBs’ Lives Easier with Unique Features

UC makes it easier and more secure for mobile employees to stay connected on the go. There is no need for separate services for instant messaging, online meetings, or conferencing – it’s all built into one easy-to-use application. Add in even more powerful features like SMS texting, file sharing, and voicemail transcription, and you’ve got a clear winner.
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Supporting the Virtual Office

In today’s hyper-connected world, we may “go to work” – but that may no longer be an actual, designated physical space. Thanks to an explosion of cloud-delivered services and apps, virtual companies are becoming more common, made up of workforce talent sourced from across the country, if not the world. They’re working from their houses, from coffee shops, from the plane – and they’re doing it on laptops, smart phones, and tablets. UC gives everyone the ability to use the same full suite of key communications tools regardless of whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the road.
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Making Mobility Work

Part and parcel with the virtual office is the ability to effectively support mobile workers. UC gives employees the ability to be productive and collaborate from their mobile phone or tablet. After all, getting email on your phone is one thing; having true collaboration and connection tools wherever you are is another. UC solutions seamlessly enable teamwork in dynamic environments and empower the mobile worker for true collaboration from any location.
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UC-as-a-Service: The Great Equalizer

Small businesses want to focus on running and growing their core businesses, not worrying about managing their communications infrastructure. Many of these companies wrestle with a lack of resources – both financial and human – to put a top-tier support framework into place. A turnkey UC-as-a-service (UCaaS) solution gives small businesses access to the same benefits and differentiators as their larger competition. And because it’s delivered in the cloud, it’s always updated and never obsolete. It also comes staffed with experts that act like your very own IT group – without the hassle of seeking out and training talent.
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Managed Connectivity with UC for Guaranteed QoS

You don’t have to fear moving to UC, even if you’ve previously experienced poor quality with other well-known VoIP brands. With advanced routing technology like SD-WAN, you can have guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and failover for a single location or multiple locations. Add in the ability to dynamically allocate traffic to all circuits at once, and you can truly get the most out of your Internet connection!
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Going Global with UC

Whether you’re a small company or a large enterprise, in today’s global age, having at least a handful of customers, partners, and employees that are based outside of U.S. borders is increasingly common. So, it’s important to choose a high-quality international dialing solution that can help you do business no matter where the person on the other end of the phone is located. You should ensure that your UC platform offers options for both placing and receiving calls internationally, as well as supporting users outside of the United States if your business needs require it.
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A Full Collaboration and IT Suite, One Point of Contact

Having one point of contact is now more valuable than ever, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that have complex needs but constrained resources. We see it as solving a key operational challenge: Most businesses would rather not deal with a sprawling patchwork of vendors, with diverse management consoles and other systems, several different bills (and billing cycles), and multiple sales and support contacts. You can solve this challenge by working with a single vendor to add on other managed IT services to your UC implementation.
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Integrating Hundreds of Business Applications

Your UC implementation can be extended by integrating information from your CRM system (and other business apps). This unleashes the power of this critical data by making it available just when you need it. For instance, when a customer calls in, the person answering the phone can get an on-screen pop-up with the caller’s stored CRM information – so the employee knows the customer’s identity and history before they even pick up the phone. In short, it sends a message to the customer that your company knows them and is serious about treating customers like the guests of honor that they are.
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And if all of this weren’t enough, we should also note that UC also has specific benefits for certain verticals, such as call centers, finance, retail, legal, and higher education.

Contact your TPx Channel Manager to find out more about how UC can help your business in tailored, unique ways, and unleash the power of collaboration.


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